About Us

International Trade Department was established by the decision of Council of Higher Education (YÖK) dated on 30.01.2013 to educate competitive, dynamic and qualified human resources capable of reaching the foreign trade targets of our country in the global markets, knowing the principles and rules of international trade, seeing and managing the opportunities and threats.

The department has included the new dimensions of international trade and the liberalities of goods, labor, capital and entrepreneurship, which are called globalization. With more international relations in every aspect of trade, international trade of goods and services and direct investments have become more liberal. Thus, the importance of competitive global markets has been a major factor in the formation of the Department. Our country and Turkish firms want to take place in this competitive environment, which is worthy in the world economy and this depends on the presence of expert staff trained in international trade.

Among the basic education and training subjects of the department are economics, business administration, accounting and finance. The field courses include international trade and economic relations, marketing, international finance, logistics management, international economics and trade legislation, international organizations, World Trade Organization (WTO) applications, import and export management, fairs, free zone applications, negotiation and negotiation techniques. The department's academic program is designed to provide students with the necessary theoretical and practical equipment for international trade.

The graduates of the department are employed in national and international commercial and economic organizations and associations as well as customs, custom consultancy of Turkey and other countries, Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade and affiliated internal and external organizations. Also, they are employed in public and private sector institutions that similar faculty graduates work.